Many people spend millions of dollars on expensive homes, yet dog houses are often very cheap and disregarded. These rooms cause constant trouble for owners, such as dogs escaping, foul stenches and much more. These little things can destroy the relationship of trust between people and dogs. So, what do we do? We take craftsmanship to the next level, designing to your specific needs and building a strong bond between the owner and pets.
All of our products at happyinuself are made of high-quality aluminum. Each rust-resistant panel is lightweight, therefore allowing not just an ease of assembly, but an ease of transport as well. There is also no concerns of breakage as the design ensures sturdiness and strength. Furthermore, the product is moisture repellant, ensuring that foul odors do not seep into the material. Our products are crafted to be aesthetically pleasing in your home, rather than appearing as an out of place dog ‘cage’. We have achieved this by creating designs that are presentable as interior decorations in your home.

Improvement of Bad Odors / Fashionable and stylish / Durable Materials

Message from the Chief Operating Officer

Hiroshi Noguchi, Chief Operating Officer

I had a desire to create this product when I had to throw out a dog room I had only just purchased a year prior, costing a little less than 20,000 yen(about200daller), due to bad odor and rust. The causes of the foul odor were extremely evident. My dog had gnawed at the wood and his urination had then seeped into the material. The clear paint on the wood for protection had peeled off overtime the short duration, which then allowed grime to seep into the room. I attempted spraying over the dog room with deodorant, but it eventually mixed in with the foul odor, creating worse stenches. To make matters worse, the hinges of the door had rusted and became difficult overtime to open and close. In the end, the dog room had deteriorated to an extent I had to throw it away. To avoid such experience, I had decided to manufacturer my own dog room, the happyinuself, which provides dog rooms that are safe, secure, comfortable and last a lifetime, perfect for your precious dogs'.

Hiroshi Noguchi,
Chief Operating Officer