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ABOUT happyinuself


We, happyinuself, design, manufacture and sell stylish dog rooms, playhouses and gates made with aluminum. We provide dog rooms that are safe, secure, comfortable and last a lifetime, perfect for your precious dogs.

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Dog Rooms  935 USD+

Our dog rooms are very sturdy and will not break. We have sizes suitable for any dog, from the smallest to the largest breeds, with each model being hygienic and preventing foul odors. These are fashionable and contemporary aluminum dog houses.

Dog Play Pens

Our products allow for sections of your house to be transformed into a play pen for your dog. This is excellent in times when you need to leave your dog home alone, give them their own playspace within your home, or even just create a temporary room for them.

Dog Gates

Our expandable aluminum dog gates can be used as temporary barriers to protect your valuable pet from entering hazardous areas of your house or as a partition wall in our dog rooms.

Dog Rooms



H series

Dog Play Pens & Gates

G series

Dog Pens


H series

Dog Play Pens & Gates

G series




All of our products at happyinuself are made of high-quality aluminum. Each rust-resistant panel is lightweight, therefore allowing not just an ease of assembly, but an ease of transport as well. There is also no concerns of breakage as the design ensures sturdiness and strength. Furthermore, the product is moisture repellant, ensuring that foul odors do not seep into the material. Our products are crafted to be aesthetically pleasing in your home, rather than appearing as an out of place dog ‘cage’. We have achieved this by creating designs that are presentable as interior decorations in your home. 

Improvement of Bad Odors / Fashionable and stylish / Durable Materials


The happyinuself dog rooms are available to be customized by our customers. You can personalize the sizing, color, the lattice specifications and even engrave a name to create your one-of-a-kind dog room.

Convenient Options

We have additional accessories common to all of our dog rooms at happyinuself. Our wide range of optional products include toilet paper holders, dedicated storage shelves, products you can use conveniently and expansion kits dedicated to each series.



Choose from the Size of Your Dog

The initial basis for choosing dog rooms and dog play rooms is to match the room to the size of your dog (Or larger if you would like multiple dogs in one room). With happyinuself, we have categorized our products so it is easier for you to choose a model product according to the size of your dog. Please refer to the table below.

Small dogs

C Series

C90 / C126 / CE90 / CE126

G Series


 H Series

H70 / H70Connected(WanLDK) 
H70UP2 / H140Plus!

Small to Medium-sized dogs

C Series

C90 / C126 / CE90 / CE126

G Series


CL Series

CL126 / CL140 / CL4-180

Medium to Large-sized dogs

CL Series

CL126 / CL140 / CL4-180 / HL80

HL Series

HL80 / HL160

Choose from Lifestyle

You can use it as you like according to your lifestyle.

Multiple Dogs

Peace of mind even if you own multiple dogs

The happyinuself is efficient as they are connectable to each of our products. You can connect dog rooms side by side or install them as two stories – this is optimal for if you own multiple pets and/or you can also use them as storage space for dog products. The vertical stacking is also methodical as it takes up less space in your home.

Connectable Models

C126 / CE126 / H70Connected(WanLDK) / H70UP2 / H140Plus!